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We're Democrats,

and we choose

to be Happy!

The world's first political wellness site for Democrats!

Happy Democrats is a free political wellness website offering advice, tools, and tips rooted in Democratic Party values to help Democrats lead more positive, healthier, and happier political lives.

Reclaim your Happy: Toolkit

Tenets: A few things to keep in mind:


In times of political turmoil, nurturing one’s political wellness is vital. It involves staying informed, engaging in healthy discourse, respecting diverse opinions and taking appropriate action. This self-care aspect ensures one remains balanced, contributes positively to society, and upholds Democratic Party values amidst the ever-changing political landscape.


Rest assured that we understand the gravity of the current dire situation. We acknowledge that our democracy is fragile and is currently being threatened. However, at the end of the day, our most treasured power lies in our faith in our leaders President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other Democratic Party leaders for their exceptional daily work; and more importantly, our sacred ability to vote. Therefore, as we count down the days until election day, it is important to intentionally block out the negativity and vitriol that often pervades the political sphere. Instead, we should stand firm and confident in the belief and knowledge that we are on the "right side of history" and making a positive impact.


Focus on the present moment and the intended outcome, with the goal of creating a more desirable ethos, and utilizing your influence for a higher possible good.


Together, we can achieve much more by standing united in our commitment to spreading positivity and embracing core Democratic Party values such as kindness, fairness, good deeds, equality, economic justice for all, reproductive freedom, environmental health, and love for country, among other values. Let's continue to promote inclusion and unity as the core of our shared humanity, celebrating the strength diversity brings to our communities.


• Vote: Always exercise your right to vote.

• Stay informed: Know current events, issues, and policies.

• Lead by example: Rather than simply telling others you are a Democrat, strive to demonstrate your political beliefs through kind positive actions, with the hopes that your influence may inspire others to join your same calling.

• Fortify yourself: Insulate yourself by surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people from different social and political backgrounds. Take steps to realign your mind and learn new tools and skills that can improve your political mental wellbeing journey. By doing this, one strengthens themselves to confront the very threat to their happiness.

• Unplug: Don't waste time on pointless social media arguments with strangers in echo chambers. Online debates escalate quickly, leading to emotional drain and negativity. Instead, follow positive accounts, engage in meaningful discussions, and schedule "Happy Hour" time to tune out. Use social media for connection and learning, avoiding unproductive squabbles for a more positive and productive experience.

Give yourself balance and grace: In light of the current political and social climate, it is important to realize that embarking on a daily positive journey may present challenges at times. It is crucial to recognize our own humanity and accept that "balance" is part of the process. It is essential to allow ourselves the grace to embrace imperfections from time to time. You may occasionally find yourself experiencing a day filled with negativity... That's ok.


Shareables: It is concerning to witness the spread of political misinformation, disinformation, and deceptive tactics being propagated by well-funded individuals with ulterior motives. As Happy Democrats, we are dedicated to countering their influence. Utilizing modern AI art technology, we have created over 100+ digital pin-ups called Happys that are both engaging and factual. We invite you to join us and share the Happy!


Mobilize: Finally, have you thought about getting involved in canvassing, also known as door knocking, or phone banking to help boost Democratic voter engagement? Maybe you could volunteer to drive voters to the polls too. How about running for public office? It involves researching, filing candidacy, engaging with the community, planning a campaign, fundraising, building a team, voter outreach, compliance with laws, and preparing for election day, among other things. It's hard work, but if your passion is to serve, it can be incredibly rewarding. 

Let’s think outside the box and join teams and causes that support Democratic Party candidates both up and down the ballot. It’s crucial that we mobilize all Blue Boots early and hit the ground running in this election. We welcome you to visit Mobilize, for awesome nationwide events, petitions, and volunteer opportunities.

When future generations inquire about what we did to protect our democracy in this critical moment, our goal is to be able to say that not only did we do our part, but we did everything we could. Join us in spreading positivity and encouraging civic engagement… Share the Happy. #bidenharris2024 #blueboots🙂

Election count down!

Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org

As Happy Democrats, no one can dampen our joys or take away our happiness. We know how to fight and stand up for what we believe in while keeping our approach positive, uplifting and Happy— So when others choose to take the low road, we choose to smile proudly, take the high road, and lead by example.

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Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org
Colton Lewis
Burbank, CA USA

"Dude, enough with the negativity. I can't be the only one that feels this way. Am I?"

Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org
Monica Greene
Memphis, TN USA

"Chile, it ain't easy. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of who we Democrats are."

Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org
Austin, TX USA

"No cap, as a Trans Man, I have found my Happy, and I celebrate it daily."

Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org
Are you a Happy Democrat?

Happy Democrats, political wellness, happydemocrats, #happydemocrats, #happydems, #keepsmiling, #blueboots democratic party, happydemocrats.org

Who are we?

We are a group of Colorado Democrats seeking to create a national platform for political wellness, moving away from the divisive echo-chambers of politics and society that produces negativity. We do so not by burying our heads in the sand, to the contrary; we are committed to staying informed politically and socially; while retracing our steps back to happiness and a regained since of confidence and calm. We find solace and strength in recognizing what we can and cannot control. And ultimately, we recognize the importance of happiness in shaping the mental well-being and satisfaction of citizens, which in turn influences voting behavior.

In summation; we choose to "Disconnect" from the negativity and "Redirect" our focus to creating a more desirable landscape, and utilizing our influence for a higher possible good.

Disconnect + Redirect = Happy

H = D / R^2